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We are Orxata Studios team, and we are here to ask you a question.

Is a studio not entitled to create its own content?

'No', says the businessman, ‘it belongs to the stockholders.’

'No', says the publicists, ‘it belongs to the trends.’

'No', says the censor, ‘it belongs to the moral.’

We rejected those answers. Instead, we chose something different. We chose the impossible. We chose… Orxata.

A studio where the client would not suffer the corporate imposition of DLC, where the Creative Director would not be bound by morality and public opinion, where little would dream big.

And with your support, Orxata can become your studio, as well.


Hell may Cook

Death, revenge, freedom and floor is what's waiting you in Hell may Cook. After Satan's coup d'etat, where he takes everything in Hell, he decided to come to Earth to kidnap Panto-sensei, world's best baker. But he didn't had in mind Jimmy's stubbornness, his young aprentice, which will join the Resistance to save his master, free the Hell and finish Satan's reign of evilness.

Hell may Cook it's an action platformer with roguelike elements. With levels generated by a procedural generation algorithm, every game will be completely different. We will be able to explore the map, buy items or upgrades, fight against huge bosses and end with Satan's spawns.

The game is currently in development, but soon we will have more news and things to show. Start preheating your ovens!


Ignasi Salvador Designer and developer

Carlos Gómez Main developer

Laura Ávila Pixel art wizard

Jesús Otermin Pixel art wizard

Chami Collado Designer and destroyer of worlds

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Feel free to contact us and our team of hard-working monkeys will reach you as soon as they can.